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Taking care of your leather a non leather shoes

Taking Care of Leather Shoes


Leather shoes look great but are difficult to take care of. Read on for some tips on how to keep your leather shoes looking good.

Leather is the preferred choice of material of most men for their shoes. It is long lasting and gives the shoes a classic look. This is why leather shoes are among the most expensive type of shoes. However, leather shoes also need special care. This not only keeps them looking good but also improves their durability.

Polish Them Regularly

One major precaution with leather shoes is to avoid wearing them during the monsoon. Rain and leather simply do not mix. However, if you must wear leather at this time, make sure you take greater care of them. Polish your leather shoes on a regular basis. A fresh coat of polish can greatly improve the appearance of old leather shoes. Before polishing your shoes, rid them of the dirt that has accumulated with daily use. For just a fine coating of dirt, use a cloth to wipe the shoes. Alternatively, you can use a special shoe brush to clear away the grime. During the monsoon, damp mud has a tendency to stick to the shoes. When it dries, the mud hardens and forms a clump on them. In such cases, a brush is the only way to remove the mud.

Invest in good quality polish. It does not make sense to compromise on the quality of your shoe polish if you have spent so much money on the shoes. Nowadays, branded shoe polish is quite reasonably priced, so there is really no excuse not to buy it.

Dry the Insides

You probably spend the entire working day wearing your shoes. Combine this with travelling time and you are most likely spending 10 hours or more per day wearing your shoes. All people sweat from their feet so you should take some time to dry out the insides and external surfaces of your shoes. If your feet sweat a lot, you will have to increase the frequency of the drying sessions. Drying your shoes is quite easy. Place a sheet of tissue paper or a paper napkin within the shoe and leave it for a few minutes. Repeat the process to dry out the shoe completely. After this, sprinkle some talcum powder to absorb any lingering moisture. Ideally, you should dry your shoes at least once a week. During the rains, drying sessions can be carried out two or three times a week.

Storage Tips

In the case of shoes worn only on formal occasions, you are likely to wear shoes once and then put them away. Do not put them away as soon as you take them off. Switch on the ceiling fan and keep the shoes under them for a few hours to air them out. If you put your shoes away at once, the sweat from your feet remains in them and will make the shoes smell terrible. Even worse, you might wind up with fungus growing on the shoes. Before putting the shoes away, stuff them with newspaper to retain their shape and prevent them from bending or creasing. In addition, keep the shoes in a cloth shoe bag before putting them in the box.

Fungus Treatment

If you are unlucky enough to have a fungus attack on your shoes, do not be discouraged. It is still possible to salvage your footwear. Take an old toothbrush and some soap solution and use the brush to scrub away the fungus. Ensure that you brush even the smallest crevices to remove all traces. After brushing, keep the shoes under the fan to dry. To dry them completely, a better option would be to keep them outside in the sunlight. While getting rid of fungus, always wear gloves. This will prevent it from touching your skin and causing an infection. After cleaning your shoes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water as a precautionary measure.

How you take care of your leather shoes makes a big difference to their appearance. It also influences how long they will last. You can also put an extra elasticated heel in order to make them safe on the rain and also a little effort that will go a long way towards keeping your leather shoes in tip-top condition.

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Shoe Care

Our E-shop does everything they can to bring you a fantastic range of quality shoes but like any footwear, after a period of time and wear, they will start to look a little tired. Here are some tips to get the most out of your shoes.

Treat with an appropriate protector before wear. Invest in a suede brush and give them a little attention from time to time to keep the nap raised and looking fresh.

If your shoes ever get wet, resist the temptation of using your hairdryer on them! Stuff them with newspaper and let them dry naturally, away from a direct heat source. This will prevent the leather upper drying out and cracking.

Our textile shoes, unless we advise you, aren't made to go in the washing machine. If they do get dirty, let them dry and remove excess dirt with a brush or cloth.

Check the top pieces on your heels regularly just to make sure they aren't wearing through to the heeling material.

Remember, every pair of shoes is unique in one-way or another. 
We always have a good quality of leathers but you should expect a little variation in terms of colour and finishing between pairs because there are mostly hand made.